The Hebbville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1971 to provide fire protection to the residents of the village of Hebbville and district. There were 7 founding members; Arthur Brown, Emerson McDonald, Ronald Langille, Murray Joudrie, Frank Peveril, Earl Naugler, and Wayne Naugler. 

Shortly after the formation of the department, the Fire Hall was constructed near the site of the old Hebbville schoolhouse located at 168 Century Drive. In 1975 the department was incorporated under the Societies Act.

Over the almost 50-year history of the Hebbville Fire Department there have been six chiefs.

Our current leadership:

Chief Doug Peveril
Deputy Chief Paul Jensen
Captains: Tanya Larkin, Jonathan Schooten, Emily Bowers
Lieutenants: Linda Jensen, Amanda Edmonds, Ray Quesnel
Secretary: Amanda Edmonds
Treasurer: Vacant